Understanding Nutritional Consulting Services For Healthcare Consumers

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Understanding Nutritional Consulting Services For Healthcare Consumers

If your doctor recently mentioned you should see a nutrition consultant, you are probably wondering what services they offer in addition to diet counseling.

Nutrition consultants often offer the following additional services:

Body Composition Analysis

As part of their practice, many nutritional consultants offer body composition analysis services. 

Body composition tests determine how much of your body weight is due to fat versus muscle.

If you've always claimed you are "big-boned," body composition testing will prove you right or wrong.

Diabetes Education

Diabetes education is one of the main functions of many nutritional consultant service providers. Not only does a patient benefit from dietary and nutritional advice from a consultant, but also education about how food and exercise relate to diabetes management and progression. Learning skills to better manage living with diabetes is key to preventing future organ damage.

Disease Management 

Diabetes is not the only disease requiring nutritional management. There are many other diseases with symptoms that can be improved through better nutrition.

For example, avoiding gluten is critical if you have Celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome, or many other digestive ailments. In addition, your diet and exercise regime can also significantly affect how you feel if you have an autoimmune disease, arthritis, or an inflammation condition.

Rather than a standard diet plan, your nutritional consultant will take your chronic conditions into consideration when building your individualized health improvement plan.

Heart Health

Maintaining a healthy heart as you age is paramount for your future health and mobility. One way your doctor will ask you to protect your heart health is by controlling and possibly reducing your cholesterol. 

Cholesterol comes from many sources and builds up in your vascular system. As you age, built-up cholesterol deposits can break free of the wall of your vascular system and cause you to have a heart attack. 

A significant source of cholesterol in your diet is saturated fats from animal products and cooking oils. A nutrition consultant will help you make an individualized plan to reduce your consumption of cholesterol-depositing fats and increase foods that remove existing cholesterol deposits from your vascular system.

Weight Management

Lastly, many people seek nutritional consultants to help them lose weight and keep it off. Unlike doctors, nutrition consultants take the time to sit down with you and discuss all aspects of your life.

Once they have a clear picture of your lifestyle and current diet, nutrition consulting services will work with you to create a realistic plan for losing weight and maintaining your new weight.

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