Tips To Help Give Your Baby Relief From Colic

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Tips To Help Give Your Baby Relief From Colic

If your baby has colic, you know just how heartbreaking it can be to see them suffering. You might feel hopeless at times and as though you will never find baby colic relief. The thing is though, you are not alone in this journey. Dealing with baby colic is something that many parents find themselves dealing with and it can be hard. However, there are some good tips to help you find some baby colic relief. Spend a little time checking out the following advice:

Try Letting Your Baby Use A Pacifier

It is okay to try to avoid the use of a pacifier with babies. However, there is also nothing wrong with babies using them. If your little one has not yet used a pacifier, now might be the time to get some. The sucking on the pacifier can help give your little baby some relief from the colic.

Give Your Baby A Gentle Massage

Try to lay your baby on his or her stomach and across your lap. Gently massage his or her back and do this for as long as your baby will allow. The massage will not only make their muscles a feel little better, as a massage would for anyone, but it can help ease the discomfort that your baby is having from the colic.

Place A Warm Bottle On Their Belly

Fill a baby bottle up with warm water, ensuring that it is not too hot. Then place the bottle on the belly of your baby while you cradle him or her. The bottle can go right against their skin as long as you have double checked that the bottle is not too warm. The warmth from the bottle can provide some nice relief from the symptoms of colic, allowing you and your baby to enjoy some snuggles without a lot of discomfort and crying.

Try to make use of as much baby colic relief advice that you can get your hands on. Start with the tips that you just read and make sure to speak with the pediatrician for additional assistance. Also, if someone in your family dealt with baby colic, they might have some sound advice to give you. What works for one baby might not work as well for another, so there is nothing wrong with getting as much advice as you possibly can. Soon, your baby, and therefore you as well, will have some relief.

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